Introducing the ThinkSystem SE350 

 This press release, brought to you by Tech Hero, describes the environments in which the #Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350 can function and lists some of the device’s most important features. In addition, it provides links to more information about the SE350.

Business continuity needs a deeper bench

Check out this research from #Lenovo on digital transformation! 👩‍💻 Tech Hero suggests that you read through this document to learn more about common infrastructure gaps and ways to address them. One interesting finding: 72% of companies that successfully navigated the pandemic were noted leaders for experimenting with new technologies.

Hybrid Work: A Blueprint for Print Transformation

A good plan to elevate productivity, encourage collaboration and add much-needed flexibility is to enhance your hybrid work program. Is this what you’ve been seeing in your hybrid program lately? If not, download this informative eBook from @HP showing where to invest your resources to create better print and digital workflows and improve your organization’s culture.

ThinkSystem SE350: Purpose-built IoT, Edge server

This datasheet, brought to you by Tech Hero, provides a brief introduction to the #Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350; describes the device’s security, connectivity, and reliability; and highlights its agility and remote manageability. It also lists the Lenovo ThinkSystem SE350’s technical specifications.

How are CIOs pursuing their vision?

Here’s a CIO checklist for IT partners plus research from #Lenovo. ✔ Tech Hero recommends that you take a look at this document to discover today’s biggest IT challenges—and how to find vendors who will become strategic partners helping you address those challenges.