Backup & Disaster Recovery

Losing your data and being rendered out of action in the event of a disaster can mean the difference between continuing business operations and closing your doors for good. Don’t let it happen to you!

Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions from Tech Hero ensure that your data is protected and preserved and that you can get back up and running in a matter of minutes after suffering a catastrophic event.

Have you stopped to think what would happen if you suddenly lost all your data? What would happen to YOUR business? And it’s not just major events like earthquakes and tornados that can lead to data loss or an interruption in operations. Something like a faulty sprinkler system could cause chaos by severely damaging electrical equipment. And what about an employee accidently (or maliciously…) deleting crucial information?

Tech Hero help protect your business and enable you to resume operations in minutes, not days or weeks:

  • We backup your data to our cloud and monitor it on a daily basis to ensure complete security
  • Problems are investigated and solved immediately
  • Full server backups allow us to restore your entire server in just a matter of minutes
  • We regularly test data restoration techniques to ensure backups are adequate

Why risk everything you’ve worked so hard to build? It’s time to safeguard your future and sleep easier at night with Backup and Data Recovery Solutions from Tech Hero..

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