Email & Spam Filtering

Dealing with the influx of spam that we receive on a daily basis can be time consuming and even dangerous. Open something that is contaminated by accident and you could wreak havoc on your systems. And of course there is the possibility that you might mistakenly delete an important email while sifting through all the junk mail in your Inbox.


Have you stopped to think how much time you and your employees waste every morning having to sort through spam you would be surprised how this time can quickly add up to a huge waste of time - and an even bigger loss in revenue. Our "SpamShield" product is here to help!

In addition to this, all the extra email traffic will impact your bandwidth and slow down your internet speed. Plus, time wasting aside, one of the major issues with spam is that mails can contain links to compromised websites, or files containing malware and viruses. Spam is not just a nuisance - the minute it enters your network, it is potentially putting you at risk.

Tech Hero offers Spam and Web Filtering Solutions that will help you banish spam and keep your inboxes safe and clutter free. We’ll ensure that you emails are filtered outside your network, stopping the negative effect on your bandwidth - and your security posture.

Stop spam - stay safe and productive by talking to Tech Hero today.

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