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Cloud-based platforms provide a flexible, scalable and efficient way of working that neutralizes many operational challenges. How cloud-connected is your organization? Does it include your printer workflows? Cloud printing is the best solution for a company with a distributed workforce across various homes and offices that needs printing for their operations. Receive a complimentary cloud-printing consultation when you schedule direct — and learn what some of the solutions from @HP can do for you.

A free demo of an AI powered cybersecurity solution

AI’s potential to bolster #cyberresilience is welcome news as a dangerous security environment coupled with the ongoing cybersecurity talent shortage increases the risk of a breach. Book a free demo of a leading AI powered security solution that can significantly improve your #securityposture.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Family Product Tour

Meet the #Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Family. A laptop, 2-in-1, and the world’s first folding PC. Tech Hero encourages you to check them out in this video—and pick the perfect device for your needs. 💻 Each offers power, performance, flexibility—and Lenovo’s legendary quality.

A guide to choosing your printer for cloud-first capabilities

Digital transformation plans are often created around the idea of a cloud-based hybrid workplace. Many times, these plans don’t cover print workflows, setting a critical business function aside. If your printing program is not yet a part of your transformation plans, download this @HP eBook showing how a cloud-connecting printer workflow makes your business more agile and secure.