HP Smart Tank 7001 Social Image

Meet your sustainability goals with an eco-conscious printer. The @HP Smart Tank 7001 gives you automatic double-sided capability, an ultra-low cost per page with its high-capacity ink tank system and an innovative spill-free ink refill system. On top of that, it’s built from recycled printers and other electronics – more than 25 percent of the weight of plastic.

It’s Time to Go Hybrid

Make hybrid work effortless with #Lenovo and #Windows 11 Pro for Business. Tech Hero recommends reading this document to learn how this combination offers all the productivity and collaborative tools you need. 🎯 You’ll enjoy built-in, hardware-based security, secure remote deployments, Windows 11 productivity and collaboration tools, and more.

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Discover how Azure Virtual Desktop revolutionizes workflows by optimizing cloud-based desktops and applications. This @Microsoft Learn blog post provides a brief tutorial. Take a quick walkthrough πŸƒ and watch the video.

Powering Productivity and Collaboration with Windows 11

Powering productivity and collaboration with #Lenovo and #Windows 11 in hybrid workplaces. Windows, Microsoft Teams, and Lenovo devices all work seamlessly together to empower hybrid workers with smart meeting features, instant file sharing, and more. 🀝 Tech Hero invites you to check out this document for details.

HP Sayan Feature LightBasalt 7000 Series

In an ideal workspace, you really shouldn’t have to think about your printers. It should be easy to connect your device to them, they shouldn’t always be on “low” ink and double-sided capability should be automatic. How often do you have to think about your printer fleet? If you think too much, take a look at this video about the @HP Smart Tank 7000 series, the fast, high-quality, cost-efficient printer with self-healing wifi.