Improving the IT Experience for a new generation

#Lenovo Z Series buyer’s guide: Computing for the new generation. đź’ˇ By next year, more than half of the U.S. workforce will be remote. Check out this guide for more key facts and to see the devices that will power this workforce. Reach out to Tech Hero to order the right devices for your remote workers.

Lenovo ThinkPad Z Series x Phil Torres

Watch as conservationist Phil Torres works from anywhere with the #Lenovo ThinkPad Z Series! 🌳 Where will the next 30 years of Lenovo innovation take us? Contact Tech Hero for information on devices to help you work from wherever your career takes you.

Planning a cybersecurity budget—free consultation

Despite escalating cyberattacks, many businesses are reducing #securityspending as part of overall cost cutting initiatives in a time of economic uncertainty. But the wrong cuts could leave you vulnerable to attacks with devastating financial implications. We can help you put together a cost-effective cybersecurity plan that will keep your business safe. Schedule a free consultation today.

A New Level of Classroom with LG CreateBoard

Looking for new and exciting ways to engage the minds and stimulate the imagination of your students? @LG Electronics CreateBoard offers a variety of educational templates and teaching tools such as a ruler, table, and sticky notes, allowing for active engagement by students. Editing images and videos is a easy as ABC. Created resources can be easily shared with others through connected cloud drives. Check out the infographic for more features and tech specs. DM us to discuss how LG solutions can inspire a genuine love of learning in your students.