Simply NUC Media Players

After reading the datasheet, what do you think? Do Simply NUC media players make sense for your business? Why, or why not? If you already are using their media players, DM me to let me know how they are working out for you. @Simply NUC

Lenovo ThinkVision T34-w30 Monitor: See more, achieve more.

Amplify your productivity with this immersive curved display from #Lenovo! At 34″, this display draws you in and lets you see all the details. 🙌 It also offers loads of great features—including all the ports you could need, VoIP support, and more. Watch this video to see it in action—and contact Tech Hero with questions.

Original HP Toner performance and durability

Reliable, uninterrupted printing keeps employees on task and productive. What happens when your printers generate streaky documents and erratic operations? Probably an unhappy workforce and a stack of trouble tickets. To avoid this issue, read this solution brief outlining the advantages of Original @HP Toner Cartridges in maintaining exceptional printer performance and continued office productivity.