StoneFly Veeam-ready Backup and Disaster-recovery Solution

When considering data protection, StoneFly's DR365V Veeam-ready backup and disaster recovery solution is a comprehensive solution that safeguards against ransomware while offering a nimble recovery process. The DR365V enhances data security by integrating cutting-edge features including immutability, object lockdown, and machine learning-based anomaly detection during backups to prevent ransomware attacks. Reduce your attack surfaces from three to one. Watch the video to see how it enables you to execute fast, secure encrypted transfers with zero latency architecture and virtually unlimited data movers. The DR365V can support a variety of configurations including single node, dual node scale out and high availability — offering both robust protection and high flexibility for a range of business requirements.

is ready to help you secure your data with resilient digital infrastructure. Reach out to learn more about StoneFly DR365V solution.