Discover Azure Stack HCI

Discover #Microsoft Azure Stack HCI on #Lenovo. 🧐 Connect to Azure services for backup, monitoring, security, and more—while enjoying on-premises computing power from Lenovo. Learn more in this video, and contact Tech Hero to get started.

On Visualization Technologies: Panasonic Connect

Enhance your digital signage strategy with insights from David Colas, @Panasonic Connect’s Visualization thought leader. Successful organizations will engage their audience and increase productivity with a cohesive audiovisual ecosystem and use of touch-enabled displays for better engagement and productivity. DM us when you’re ready to discuss how Panasonic’s line of display products can bring your engagement to the next level.

Get everything you need from a printer-and more!

Ready to redefine traditional printing? We’re ready to help. @HP Color Laser Jet Enterprise 5000 & 6000 Series deliver advanced flexibility & seamless collaboration. Empower your workflow for increased productivity, starting now. #hp #HPColorLaser Jet #productivity #collaboration #futureofwork #digitaltransformation