Copilot in Teams: Discern Opinions Quickly

Do you always draw the short straw and end up with the job of writing meeting summaries? Good news — you’ve got help. Watch this video to see how Copilot in Microsoft Teams can put together a meeting summary in less than a minute. DM us for more details.

Using Zero Trust Solutions to Support Hybrid Work

While a hybrid staff stays busy being productive and collaborative with their teams while working from home or on the road, IT teams are focused on keeping these spread out networks safe from cybercrime. What have you found keeps your widely expanded perimeter secure? If you’re trying to design a new plan, download this @HP infographic explaining the value of a Zero Trust security policy to protect your employees and digital assets no matter where they work.

AI at the helm: How Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s adoption of Viva and Copilot is shaping its future

How can you use #AI to more closely align operations and business goals? The experience of global transportation logistics leader, Wallenius Wilhelmsen, will inspire some ideas. 💡 See how the company encouraged sustainable AI adoption with Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva to streamline processes, empower better decisions, and cultivate a culture of innovation and inclusion by reading this customer story👇 Tell us how Tech Hero can help you turn your ideas to action. @Microsoft Copilot

Printers that protect, detect, and adapt

@HP printers are always on guard, protecting, detecting and stopping threats and simultaneously adapting to new ones. Send us a DM and we’ll be in touch to show you why HP printers and cartridges are your best choice to shield the distributed networks created by a productive hybrid workforce.

Copilot in Teams: Ask Better Questions

Meetings can put you on the spot and leave you feeling pressured to ask relevant questions. With Copilot in @Microsoft Teams, you don’t have to worry about being tongue-tied. Watch the video to see how Copilot can help you generate a list of questions.