Helping employees feel their best again

Every day there are more devices, more apps, more data and more security risks that your IT department needs to manage. How are they doing so far? If you think they could use a little help, download this informative eBook from @HP showing how to increase seamless experiences for your hybrid employees and move your business toward a more productive digital transformation.

Integrating hard copy documents with digital is an increasing problem in today’s businesses. Do #paperworkflows still make sense? Reply to learn why BLI chose the @HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow as its 2023 Pick Award Winner.

Many businesses have made great strides switching to digital-only workflows. In some organizations, paper documents are still critical and need to be integrated into the digital flow. What does your company do to manage paper and digital workflows? If you’re looking for ideas, comment below to hear from one of our experts about how BLI chose the @HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow as its 2023 Pick Award Winner for document digitization.

Move your desktops to the cloud with Citrix and Microsoft Azure

Transitioning your Citrix Virtual Desktops to Azure couldn’t be any easier or more cost-effective than what you’ll see in this video. Watch for insight on how together, @Microsoft Azure and @Citrix enable #hybrid multi-cloud to give Citrix Virtual Desktop users broad support for resources on-prem and in Azure with a streamlined management interface. @Microsoft Azure

Planning a cybersecurity budget—free consultation

Despite escalating cyberattacks, many businesses are reducing #securityspending as part of overall cost cutting initiatives in a time of economic uncertainty. But the wrong cuts could leave you vulnerable to attacks with devastating financial implications. We can help you put together a cost-effective cybersecurity plan that will keep your business safe. Schedule a free consultation today.