The New IT Sees Business Differently

@Lenovo Smarter Solutions revolutionize business. Check out this infographic to learn about Lenovo solutions that will equip you for the next wave of digital transformation. ✔ If you have questions or would like to discuss your options, please contact Tech Hero.

AXIS Camera Station Secure Entry – Easy and efficient video surveillance and access control

Keeping track of your security system just got easier. @Axis Communications Camera Station Secure Entry puts secure, scalable and unified access control at your fingertips. With one, unified interface, this end-to-end solution ensures trouble-free management of your security system. Check out the video for details. DM us when you are ready upgrade your video surveillance system.

Businesses that use non-@HP #printercartridges are 3x more likely to require service calls. Is saving a few dimes really worth it? Reply before your next cartridge order to hear about the value of Original HP Toner cartridges.

There are many organizations that save money by ordering non-HP toner cartridges. But considering that users of non- @HP toner cartridges are 3x more likely to require service calls, is saving a few dimes worth the hassle? Tell us if you’re getting ready to place a new order and we can tell you about the value of using Original HP Toner cartridges.

With Copilot, Every Meeting is a ‘Digital Artifact’

According to @Microsoft 2023 Work Trend Index, employees see inefficient meetings as their top productivity disruptor. What have you distilled from a day full of department meetings? If you’d like to see how meetings can be transformed, look at this blog showing how Microsoft Copilot gives you the ability to unlock a new level of efficiency and awareness from the old-fashioned, time-consuming meeting.