Lenovo XClarity

Watch this short video, courtesy of Tech Hero, to learn about #Lenovo XClarity Administrator—a simple, automated systems management solution that lets you deploy servers faster and reduce complexity with an extensible and secure architecture that automates firmware updates, configuration patterns, OS deployment, and auto discovery.

Meeting the same IT goals in a whole new work world

Organizations that made the shift to hybrid- and remote-work programs know that this is a long-term fixture in their work environment. And they’re realizing that IT teams can’t do it on their own. Download this @HP article showing how you can empower your IT pros to create a digital ecosystem where workers can move seamlessly among environments.

Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

When done right, hybrid work is a powerful tool for reimagining your organization to drive better efficiency, engagement and innovation. Together, @Microsoft and @VMware can help you make it happen. Download your free copy of the eBook, “Hybrid Work is Here to Stay,” to explore how.

4 ways to modernize IT for hybrid work

Here are 4 ways to modernize IT for hybrid work. It starts with a solid foundation featuring devices with layers of security—but it doesn’t end there. Check out this infographic to see the rest. When you need to modernize, Tech Hero can help. 🤝 

Maximized performance, big-screen experience

Check out the #Lenovo V17 G2 ITL laptop: maximized performance and a big screen for hybrid work. Plus it features Windows 11, the first operating system made with hybrid work in mind. You can learn more about it in this datasheet—and Tech Hero can help you make the upgrade. 💡

The Rise of the Sovereign Cloud

What’s fueling the rise of digital sovereignty? Join security leaders from Thales and Google in this podcast exploring the forces driving digital sovereignty, its foundational elements and how you can achieve it at your organization.

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For many organizations, there’s a great need to integrate digital documents with paper documents. How do you avoid workflow bottlenecks that inevitably crop up when trying to mix data from these two mediums? Tell us if you’d like to hear from one of our experts about the @HP ScanJet Enterprise Flow, the powerful solution selected by the BLI for its prestigious 2023 Pick Award.