HP Smart Tank from America’s most trusted printer brand

Printers that come out of the box with enough ink to produce up to 8,000 color pages, and more importantly come from a trusted brand name, would be a good choice for any business. Watch this entertaining video highlighting the value of a trusted name like @HP and why when shopping for food at a gas station, passing up the sushi is always a wise choice.

Announcing new Copilot in Microsoft Teams enhancements

Lost your train of thought during a call? Never fear — intelligent call recap can provide AI-powered insights and recaps of VoIP and PSTN calls in Teams. It’s just one of the ways @Microsoft is superpowering collaboration with #Copilot in #Teams. Read this blog to learn about all the enhancements coming to Copilot in Teams.

Red Hat Smart Management

Make managing your enterprise IT environment easy with Red Hat Smart Management for #Lenovo! Check out this video to learn how it can help you automate end-to-end lifecycle management of Red Hat Enterprise Linux across hybrid environments. For additional insights, reach out to Tech Hero. 🤝

What is the Right Way to AI?

What’s the right way to #AI? This checklist will point you in the right direction. Download it for steps to follow when rolling out an AI strategy with @Microsoft #Copilot. DM us for assistance when you’re ready to roll.

Red Hat Insights Overview

Introducing Red Hat Insights and Smart Management for #Lenovo servers! It’s a better way to increase operational efficiency and security. 💯 Immediately identify security vulnerabilities, and automate patching and remediation to protect your mission-critical applications. Watch this video to see how it works—and reach out to Tech Hero to learn more.

Taking your organization to the next level

The workforce of today needs the flexibility provided by hybrid workspaces, but they also need the technology and solutions that help increase productivity and workflow. How has your hybrid workforce maintained efficiency since you began your program? If your program needs to be revitalized, download this @HP eBook showing you the key questions to ask as you define and develop new hybrid work strategies and priorities.