A Finance Exec on How AI Pays Off

How can #AI help finance professionals do their jobs better? This article from a global senior @Microsoft exec may spark some ideas. 💡 Read it for tips on how to leverage AI in everything from taxes to strategic planning. @Microsoft Copilot

Next-level performance for AI

HPE with NVIDIA delivers accelerated AI processing! The latest @HPE ProLiant Compute DL384 Gen12 with NVIDIA GH200 NVL2 system is ready for GenAI and every other demanding workload you want to run on it. Contact Tech Hero today to learn more about this flexible, powerful system and how you configure it for your organization.

Top 3 tips for using Microsoft Copilot in Teams

No more saying “that meeting could have been an email.” With @Microsoft Copilot you can actually have effective, efficient meetings. Watch this video for our top 3 tips for using Microsoft Copilot in Teams, and DM us to find out more ways Copilot in Teams can get you prepared, caught up and keep your meetings moving.

Lenovo and VMware Website

Enable a hybrid cloud model with #Lenovo and #VMware solutions. 💯 Visit this link to discover how these two organizations have worked together to create a modern hybrid cloud platform that increases business agility and IT efficiency. When you’re ready to deploy Lenovo solutions for your business, contact Tech Hero.

Secure, Connected Employees, Resilient Agencies

As more organizations incorporate hybrid workspaces into their operations, many are finding that the tools and plans that worked so well a few years ago aren’t keeping up with the needs for higher productivity, increased security and better collaboration. How is your hybrid program performing? If you’re looking for a boost, take a look at this @HP infographic showing you the best solutions and tools you can use to reimagine the hybrid workspace.

Cyber Signals Feb 2024

To strengthen security posture, it’s essential to understand how to integrate #AI-powered tools into your security strategy. Here’s the blueprint for your #AIsecurity journey:

Powerful computing, when and where it’s needed

With #Lenovo and #VMware, you can have powerful computing—everywhere. The VMware Edge Compute Stack on Lenovo’s ThinkSystem SE350 offers simplified networking, less IT maintenance, and more. Give this video a quick watch to learn more about this solution. If you have questions, Tech Hero is here to help. 🤝

Phish in a Barrel

Fast color printing, automatic two-sided scanning and enhanced security features wrapped up in America’s most trusted printer brand. What more could your organization need in a printing solution? Check out this entertaining video about how, while $1 million prince scam emails aren’t worth trusting, you can take confidence in the products and services of @HP.